The Client Challenge

Huia suffered a few defaults when calling for settlement, and as a result, the developer had to sell the properties down privately. While theoretically reducing costs by avoiding additional agent commissions, the developer needed buyers for a product that was 1.5 times the median house price in Auckland, at a time when interest rates had more than doubled.

The Outcome They Wanted

Our brief was to originate and manage the marketing campaign that would attract pre-qualified potential buyers for the remaining three townhouses, allowing the developer to pull their money out of the project.

How We Approached It

Creatively, we leveraged one of the development’s biggest assets – its integrity – to create a campaign comparing their original rendered property assets with the final product.

This authentic delivery resonated with the market, building genuine trust in the quality of what they were buying – something that would stand the test of time longer than a floating interest rate.

Our media approach was to test audiences, creatives, messages, and customer acquisition paths until we found a winning formula.

Early results were mixed, typical of paid social media. Upon the launch of our fifth campaign, we found a combination that literally flooded Huia Capital’s inbox with buying interest – receiving 42 inquiries and closing two sales in the 9th week of advertising.

As we optimised the campaign, the cost per inquiry reduced from $31 in the first four weeks to $17 in the final four but most importantly we delivered the quality of lead that delivered a result.

As a rule of thumb, only two in every ten campaigns work (and by work we mean make money) so this was normal and we’re grateful they had the confidence in us to keep adjusting, optimising and most importantly spending.

What We Delivered

A range of static and cinematic creatives leveraging both the rendered and photographic assets, music and typography.

270 inquiries over a 12-week campaign.

Most importantly, Huia Capital sold all three townhouses as a result of the campaign we ran together.

Huia Capital’s main objective was speed – clearing their residual stock so he could move on with new projects. We were able to deliver 10 times more inquiries than conventional web listings at a fraction of the cost, allowing Huia to see results significantly faster than they would have otherwise realised.

What They Said

We wanted a digital campaign that did more than post a render, a price, the number of bedrooms and a ‘for sale’ banner. 

My social feeds get flooded with property ads, and it’s a gripe of mine that they often lack creativity.

Author gave me a handful of different campaigns which broke the conventional mould, met with me regularly to weigh up the market’s response/feedback, and kept tweaking their approach until eventually, enquiry came in faster than I could handle.

If you’ve got property to sell, you should use them.

– Huia Capital