The Client Challenge

Profile Group was a new public-facing brand created to encompass and represent the integrated supply chain of more familiar brands and businesses that contributed to the delivery of 50% of aluminium doors and windows in New Zealand. How to communicate the complexity of what Profile Group stood for both internally and eternally was a challenge.

The Outcome They Wanted

Profile Group wanted a single source of truth that encapsulated what the brand tangible stood for, how it came to be, and what they meant to the broader community.

This single source of truth – a detailed brand communication document – would form the basis and consistency for all internal and external communication for the executive, marketing, and communications team.

The goal was to increase brand awareness, internally and externally, and awareness about their rich history as a family-run business – for two reasons:

  1. To lift the profile around the community and philanthropic work Profile Group does.
  2. To raise their profile as an employer and to drive recruitment for their business units.

How We Approached It

Along with the Profile Group Executive Team, we workshopped – the brand identity, its values and activity, the history it stood to stand for and its family roots to uncover what it meant to the founder, the business leaders and their business family – the people that made it unique.

What We Delivered

A brand identity and communication guidelines that would influence what was said, how it was said. While the qualitative information was key to building this and having their teams buy-in, we considered quantitative data to ensure what we had created would result in strong performance within the context of a search engine. Something that is often overlooked with this sort of work.

The output included:

  1. Brand voice guidelines
  2. Tone of voice guidelines
  3. Purpose and mission statement — the “why” and the “what” of Profile Group
  4. A written unique value proposition
  5. Business tagline and supporting tagline
  6. Four business values and definitions of what they mean to and how they take shape through language and syntax at Profile Group
  7. Internal and external communication and copy guidelines
  8. Guidelines in Use
  9. A series of examples on how these guidelines should be used metaphorically and literally

What They Said

We engaged Author to help tell our complex brand story. As a group of businesses, we have been on a growth and evolution journey for over 50 years and it was time to distill our story, redefine our identity and explain how our business units fit together on behalf of our more recently formed parent company, Profile Group. 

We valued a fresh set of eyes and a perspective removed from our industry. Author led the collaborative project and brought expertise to deliver what we needed. Their understanding of brand and performance marketing was where we saw real value for our business.

– Mikayla Plaw, Executive Director